Nutrition Affidavit

Effective September 1, 2023

Miller Livestock requires affidavits to be renewed annually. Failure to have a current, signed affidavit on-record is cause for Miller Livestock to refuse slaughter cattle under your direction or ownership.

To the best of my knowledge, the following statements are true and correct regarding cattle under my authority, direction, or ownership and which are supplied for slaughter:

  • Cattle presented to Miller Livestock have always been handled in compliance with regulations under the Health of Animals Acts (Canada) ban of feeding prohibited material to ruminant animals Part XIV.
  • Copies of invoices and labelling for all feeds containing mammalian derived protein products are retained for a minimum of two (2) years. Copies shall be made available to Miller Livestock or CFIA if requested for inspection. A Miller Livestock representative may inspect feed production facilities to monitor or to obtain a feed sample for analysis.
  • All feed additives, over the counter and prescription medications have been used within the confines of a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship as well as in accordance with label directions and requirements. Only approved CFIA pharmaceutical compounds have been used for treatment. Minimum withdrawal times for any medication and feed additives, as indicated on the label or by approval of the veterinarian, have been reached prior to sale or shipment of the animal for slaughter. We agree to allow Miller Livestock inspections of my veterinary records and facilities.
  • The cattle are acceptable for human consumption. Any biological, chemical and physical hazards are identified and to the extent possible were controlled at the farm level. Miller Livestock will be notified if any of these hazards are still viable.
  • Industry-wide standards for humane handling of cattle are followed. For more information, please reference the Canadian Livestock Transport Certification Program, Beef Quality Assurance Transportation Certification Program, and the National Farm Animal Care Council.
  • The cattle have always been handled in compliance with the Health of Animals Regulations as well as Part XII regarding transportation as it pertains to the producer’s responsibilities. Updates to HAR XII can be found at

According to federal regulation, Miller Livestock will not accept unfit to transport or non-ambulatory animals.

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